Teacup Designer Puppies

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Designer puppies...Maltipoos,yorkiepoos, morkies and shorkies.... 
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Here at smallestpoodle4u we have the tiniest teacup poodles, Maltese,Shih tzu and Yorkies. So we are able to produce you the tiniest teacup Maltipoo,Yorkiepoo, Morkey and Shorkies. Look at our adults!!! Most of our studs are 2 pounds and our moms are 3 to 5 pounds. So our designer puppies will be very small and beautiful. Years ago people call them mix breed dogs or mix breed puppies, Now they are call designer dogs and designer puppies. Most Vet’s recommend these because of the cross of two full blooded breeds makes the puppies a healthy stronger puppy. Watch our web site for designer maltipoos, designer yorkie poos, designer shorkies and morkies. Here are the mixes: We take a tiny teacup poodle breed to a teacup yorkie to get our designer yorkiepoos. We breed a teacup poodle breed to our teacup maltese to get our designer maltipoos. We breed our teacup yorkie to our teacup maltese to get our designer morkies. We breed our imperial shihtzu to our yorkie to get our designer shorkies. 
Micro Teacup Maltipoo's, These are from my micro teacup poodles. We breed Tiny teacup poodle to out tiny teacup maltese to get out micro teacup maltipoos. 
(Glacier) Beautiful SOLD Extra Tiny Morkie Girl , Born 4/05/2017  She  has a great personality.  Sweet adorable personality, She will be a Lap baby
(Bear) Beautiful SOLDTiny Morkie Boy,  Born 4/05/2017 He has a tiny baby bear face, sweet personality... Give kisses with puppy breath.....
(Alaska) SOLD Morkie Boy, Malti colored... Very Beautiful and full of energy... He loves to run and play... But will cuddle when picked up...
(Salmon)SOLD Tiny Adorable Morkie Boy, He is to cute for words... Tiny baby doll face and body.. He was born 4/05/2017