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E-mail me for more description, and projected adult sizes and prices of my teacup poodle puppies, tiny micro teacup poodle puppies for sale. Teacup Yorkies, and Designers puppies.

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Deposits / Payments
Deposits are accepted in the amount of $500.00. Once the deposit is accepted, non-refundable unless something happens to your choice puppy,and it can't be sent. then 100% will be refunded, unless you choose other wise( place on another puppy). Mailed deposits will hold a puppy for 5 days from the time you tell us it was mailed. we are not responsible for the sale of that puppy before and after the 5 days if the deposit is not received. If the deposit gets here after the 5 days and the puppy has sold the deposit will be refunded. If final payment on a puppy is made by check,money order the puppy will be held for 10 days to allow the payment to clear, before the puppy will be shipped.

Shipping will begin as soon as final payment is received and if the puppy is ready unless checks or money orders were sent, shipping is $350.00 in the USA besides the price of the puppy. We ship our puppies 12 to 16 weeks of age depending on the puppy. We are not responsible for any delays of shipping due to weather or puppies that are not ready and takes longer for shipment. We can use ground transportation upon your request but an additional charge will be added to the shipping.

Teacup poodles are sold by sizes and looks, The smaller the dog the more they cost. Puppies that have the whole package.(Tiny baby doll face, short little legs and cobby body)will sell for more than a puppy that doesn't. Teacups start at 1500.00 to 3000.00 Tiny toys 700.00 to 1500.00 and toys 450.00 to 700.00 depending on the puppy size and looks. Email me for a description and price on an individual puppy. 

OR CALL TONY 225-955-2721 

​If you don't see a Teacup Poodle Puppy you like,  Always Email us because we may have your Teacup  poodle puppy ready to list.. Most of my Teacup puppies have the little short legs and body with tiny baby doll faces. 
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​Micro Teacup Poodle Puppies for sale, Pocket Poodles. Tiny Micro Teacup poodle Puppies are perfect for Condo or small Apartments.. Teacup Poodles are small enough to carry in your Purse.  Most of our poodles have the short back and short legs with tiny face and nose..
(Butterscotch) sold  His name represents his coloring.. Very Beautiful unique coloring tiny male poodle ... Look at that tiny face and nose.. So much prettier and tinier in person..
Click the pictures of the Teacup Poodle Puppies below to enlarge..
(BUDDY) sold Extra Tiny Teacup white poodle boy, He is super tiny.... Cute little baby doll face... The pictures don't do him justice   
(Cayden) SOLD GOING TO AZ TO MEET HIS NEW FAMILY...Super Micro  Tiny Teacup Black Boy, He has the tiniest face, and a great personality...Don't get any cuter then this  
(Biddy)SOLD going to live in CO Super Tiny Micro teacup poodle girl,  She has the tiniest face and short little body and legs... The pictures don't do her justice   She loves to play... 
(AUTUMN)  SOLDTeacup Black poodle Girl, She is sassy and loves lots of attention.. She has a beautiful tiny face and Dainty little feet...
(Clair) Very Beautiful teacup girl, She is white with cream ears. She has a beautiful personality...  She is very small but chunky... 
(BOB)  SOLD Tiny Teacup Creamy White Boy, Look at that short little legs and body.... Watch out for your socks and shoes .. He loves to play...
(BUBBA) SOLD going to live in Oregon Tiny Teacup Silver phantom Tri color male, This boy has the most Beautiful show stopper Coat, and the personality to go with it   You don't get any prettier than this.  Very Special unique coloring...
(SISTER) SOLD Super Tiny Teacup phantom girl, Her pictures didn't come out good, but she is so much smaller than her Brother above, and just as Beautiful as he is... She has the tiniest face and nose.. Pictures just don't do her justice.. 
(Rusty) SOLD Very small Tiny toy apricot boy, Look at that adorable face.. He has a great personality...
(Buster) SOLD Tiny little Apricot boy, Look at that short little body and baby doll face... He also has beautiful red coloring...
(Johnny)  SOLD Tiny little Apricot Boy,  He has the prettiest  face, and such a sweet, funny personality.. He also loves to cuddle....